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Oon Arts Rugs are hand knotting at our facility in Nepal, India. Our carpets are woven on a loom with a blend of Himalayan wool and Chinese silk spun together. To achieve a painterly quality, the weavers follow a detailed graph indicating when one color ends and another begins. At times, there are up to 20 different colors in a rug, all of which are painstakingly dyed by hand. The fruits of this labor are rugs that shimmer and have a life of their own. 


You can customize your rug by selecting a unique piece of artwork from one of our artist collections, specifying a specific size (up to 25 ft wide), defining the knot count per inch (up to 100 knots per inch), and determining the amount of silk you want to woven into your carpet (up to 40%) 


Corner samples are available for most rugs

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