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Oon Arts is an exclusive line of rugs developed in partnership with Driscoll Robbins, a long-time purveyor of handmade rugs for luxury interiors.


Our bespoke rugs are woven by hand in Nepal with a blend of Himalayan wool and Chinese silk. Each rug is custom-made to exact specifications of color, material, size, and texture. By dying a series of transitioning colors, our rugs achieve a painterly quality that resemble watercolor paintings. This intensive process allows us to create exceptional rugs that resemble paintings on the floor.
Rugs can be customized by selecting art from one of our artist collections, specifying size, knot count, and quantity of silk.


Corner samples are available for most rugs.

OON ARTS IS A DIVISION OF STUDIO SET: Studio Set is a Seattle-based design innovation studio focused on the fusion of contemporary artwork with commercial furniture solutions and unique ancillary products.

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