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Our Process

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Design Selection
or Art Creation

Select a design from one of our artist collections, or request the commission of a custom design. Next, determine your rug dimensions so we can create a computer rendering of the design to your specific requirements.


Pom Color Selection

The next step is for us to collaborate with you and select the yarn colors. This involves identifying the dominant colors in the artwork so our dye experts can create custom shading based on these colors. 

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Wool Dying

Once the base colors are selected, our dye experts in Nepal will create a set of wool poms of each color represented in the final rug.  In addition, we can have a sample of the rug woven for final approval.


Sample Approval

Once the colors are selected and a computer rendering has been finalized, we can produce a small sample to be sent to you for approval. Depending on the intricacy of the pattern, we recommend either a 1' x 1' or 2' x 3' sample

EnShape Sample.jpg
carpet weaving close up2.png
carpet weaving close up3.png


Rug Weaving

Our rugs are hand-knotted by skilled weavers on a traditional loom.  A 9ft x 12ft carpet is composed of up to 1.5 million hand-tied knots and can take three weavers approximately four months to complete.  In an era of fast fashion, our hand-crafted rugs remind us of a simpler time.


Rug Washing

After the rugs are woven, they are washed by hand. Our wool comes from sheep living at high elevations in the Himalayan mountains. Their wool is rich in lanolin which helps keep them warm in freezing conditions, and washing helps soften the wool as part of the finishing process.



Rug Finishing

Before leaving Nepal, your rug will be put through a rigorous quality control process, which includes rug trimming, repairing imperfections, and removing any stray yarns. A final inspection is done by a team of quality control experts before the rug is packed up for shipping. 


Final Inspection

The last step in our process is our final inspection, which is done before shipping. The inspection is done by a team of quality control experts who perform a thorough inspection beforehand sweeping and packing each rug.

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